Python dictionaries

A few interesting articles on Python dictionaries and nested dictionaries :


Python namespace concept

Python 3 official documentation provides a detailed definition about the namespace concept.

Below, this concept is explained differently and in an easier manner :–cms-28598

A guide to Python Namespaces

Method Resolution Order – Object Oriented Programming

Ubuntu 17.10 as VirtualBox guest : missing vboxsf module

Running Ubuntu 17.10 as a VirtualBox guest works fine except for accessing files located on the host.
Only vboxguest and vboxvideo modules are available and loaded.
vboxsf module is missing.
Load the Guest Additions ISO image and let run the installer.

On a fresh new install, you may have this error :

Make sure to install the build-essential package :

apt install build-essential

One completed, reboot your system to make sure the right modules are loaded : vboxguest, vboxvideo, vboxsf

Once logged in, access to a directory located on your host may be denied.
Be sure that your user account is part of the vboxsf local group.
Add yourself :

usermod -aG vboxsf your_login

Log out and log in again. This should be good now


The ASUSTek Wifi USB adapter works fine once plugged into a laptop running Debian 9.3
Setting up its networking configuration is straightforward using iw, ip link and dhclient.

Although this new device is recognized by NetworkManager, its configuration failed and the process gets stuck at :


It looks like that NetworkManager does not like wireless interfaces with

This issue has been already encountered :

Here is their workaround :

ln -s /dev/null /etc/systemd/network/

Unplug-plug your USB dongle and NetworkManager should be working fine.