Adding more swap space

There are two main ways to add more swap space to your current one : creating a new swap partition or creating a new swap file

The first method
Supposing you still have some remaining space on your SCSI hard drive,

->Create your partition with fdisk

->Format it : mkswap /dev/sda1

->Activate the new swap partition  : swapon /dev/sda1

The second method

->Create a new file with the command dd :

dd if=/dev/zero of=/path_of_your_new_swap_file bs=1M count=100
We have just created a 100Mo file

->Then, format this file : mkswap /path_of_your_new_swap_file

->Activate the new swap file : swapon /path_of_your_new_swap_file

The total amount of available swap space can be checked with the two following commands :

swapon -s
free -m


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