Enabling journaled quota on filesystems on Debian Lenny

Enabling quota for users may be useful to limit the use of space disk.
This works on ext3 and ext4 filesystems. With journaled quota, you do not need to issue a quotacheck command even if your server has been unproperly halted.

Install the appropriate Debian packages :

root@localhost:~# apt-get install quota quotatool

Once installed, please modify your /etc/fstab to enable journaled quota on your selected partition :
Add the following line to the appropriate partition :


Once added, please run the following commands :

root@localhost:~# touch /aquota.user /aquota.group
root@localhost:~# chmod 600 /aquota.*
root@localhost:~# mount -o remount /

If you remount your filesystem, it prevents you from rebooting the server.

Please verify that journaled quota is enabled :

root@localhost:~# quotaon -vug /your_partition
root@localhost:~# quotacheck -vugm /your_partition


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