Virtualbox and DKMS

While upgrading VirtualBox to the lastest version (3.0.12) available in Debian repositories (for squeeze), I discovered that the modules needed for VirtualBox to work were compiled on the fly. An unknown process did the job for me : DKMS.

Until very recently, I had to compile myself the source of the following modules : vboxdrv and vboxnetflt

The compilation process was made with module-assistant.

Then, I had to load myself the new modules :

root@localhost:~# modprobe vboxdrv

root@localhost:~# modprobe vboxnetflt

Since the version 3.0 of VirtualBox, its installation has changed a bit.

Manual compilation is no more needed. This job is henceforth done by DKMS.

DKMS stands for Dynamic Kernel Module Support Framework.

Some programs need extra modules to work. These can be already compiled and included in a dedicated Debian package and possibly be loaded at boot time or manually loaded during an user session.

If you want VirtualBox to run properly, the following modules must exist and be loaded :

vboxnetflt, vboxnetadp and vboxdrv

These modules are compiled at boot time by a DKMS process if there are not already present. Then they are automatically loaded.

Before launching VirtualBox, check whether they are here or not :

root@localhost:~# lsmod |grep vbox
vboxnetflt             72328  0
vboxnetadp             66864  0
vboxdrv               102576  1 vboxnetflt

For further technical information about DKMS, please visit the following websites :

Dell and DKMS


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