Some bash tips (1)

Here are some bash tips that might be useful to you for a better and more efficient use of the bash shell.

The variable CDPATH

This variable expands the scope of the cd command.
By default, cd looks for a possible subdirectory in the current working directory.
Let us take an example :

fool@localhost:~$ cd cron

If CDPATH is not set, cd will look for a subdirectory named cron. If it does not exist, cd will look through the directories added to CDPATH. As we want to display the content of the directory /var/spool/cron, here is what we have to do :

fool@localhost:~$ export CDPATH=/var/spool/cron

Then, cd cron will work well and the current working directory will be /var/spool/cron

The bash builtin fc

fc displays a list of all the latest commands typed. It is like the command history.

To list the 16 lastest commands typed :

fool@localhost:~$ fc -l

To list a range of commands typed :

fool@localhost:~$ fc -l 495 501

The numbers 495 and 501 refers to the lines numbers displayed by the command history.

To reexecute the command number 495

fool@localhost:~$ fc -s 495


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