Debian 5.0.8 released

Debian project released the eight update of the Debian GNU/Linux stable version on the 22th of January 2011.

Here are the bugfixes released for the version :

Package         Reason
awstats Fix directory traversal via crafted LoadPlugin directory
base-files Update debian_version for the point release
boxbackup Reduce root CA expiration date to avoid overflow in 2038
git-core Fix cross-site scripting vulnerability
gquilt Insecure setting of PYTHONPATH
hamlib Use system libltdl rather than an internal copy vulnerable to CVE-2009-3736
ia32-libs Refresh with new packages from lenny and lenny-security
ia32-libs-gtk Refresh with new packages from lenny and lenny-security
ldap-account-manager Fix upgrades from lenny by dropping master password debconf question
libcgi-pm-perl Fix header-parsing related security issues
libcgi-simple-perl Fix header-parsing related security issues
libgadu Fix memory corruption when removing dcc7 sessions
man-db Suppress locale warnings when being run from a dpkg maintainer script
mediawiki Deny framing on most pages to minimise risk of clickjacking
movabletype-opensource Fix various XSS and SQL security issues
mumble Don’t make configuration file world-readable; delete /var/lib/mumble-server on purge
opensc Protect against buffer overflow from rogue cards
perl Fix header-parsing related security bugs; update to Safe-2.25
postgresql-8.3 New upstream bugfix release
spamassassin Update list of ARIN netblock delegations to avoid false positives in RelayEval
splashy Modify to avoid issues if splashy is removed but not purged
surfraw Update Debian security-tracker URL
user-mode-linux Rebuild against linux-source-2.6.26 (2.6.26-26lenny1)
xdigger Fix buffer overflow errors

To upgrade your system to this version :

root@localhost:~# aptitude update && aptitude safe-upgrade

More information about the release : Debian 5.0.8


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