Use Pidgin SIPE plugin on Windows 7

It is possible to replace your Microsoft Lync client by a free IM client : Pidgin with a special enabled-plugin : SIPE

To download the latest win32 Pidgin version :

Pidgin 2.10.3

Download the SIPE plugin compiled for Windows :


Then, install your new IM client by launching the installer. Do the same for the SIPE client. Now, add your Lync account into Pidgin by providing the following information :

Protocol : Office Communicator

Username : your professional email address

Login user : your_firm_Active_Directory_domain_name\your_windows_login_name

and that’s all. For your first connection, you will be asked to enter your AD password and probably to accept some security certificates. No further configuration needed. It should work out of the box.


4 thoughts on “Use Pidgin SIPE plugin on Windows 7

    1. How did you set up the requested credentials?
      Did you accept all the certificates given by Exchange?
      Make sure that your AD login account does not get locked as well.

      1. actually I’ve got the same, read error. there are workarounds for linux, but I am unable to solve it in Windows. all the setting looks good…

  1. To solve pidgin’s read error with sipe you have to create an environment variable. the solution is the same posted on
    Set NSS_SSL_CBC_RANDOM_IV=0. If you have admin rights you can do it for you computer.
    If you just want to run pidgin you may then creat a batch file to set the variable and then start pidgin, like this:
    echo off

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