Listing core modules bundled with a given version of Perl

Either the Module::CoreList or the command line utility corelist can help you list all the core modules bundled with a given version of Perl.

To know your current running version of Perl : perl -e ‘print $]’

As an example :

fool@localhost:~$ corelist -v 5.014002

Here is a sample of what you can have as information :

The following modules were in perl 5.014002 CORE
AnyDBM_File                                                      1.00
App::Cpan                                                        1.5701
App::Prove                                                       3.23
App::Prove::State                                                3.23
App::Prove::State::Result                               3.23
App::Prove::State::Result::Test                    3.23
Archive::Extract                                                 0.48
Archive::Tar                                                     1.76
Archive::Tar::Constant                                     1.76
Archive::Tar::File                                               1.76
Attribute::Handlers                                            0.89
AutoLoader                                                       5.71
AutoSplit                                                        1.06

Find core modules in Perl versions


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