Modifying ProxyAddresses attribute for a user in Powershell

Getting the current ProxyAddresses attribute value for a user in Powershell :

Get-ADUser -Filter 'Name -like "*username*"' -Properties ProxyAddresses


Setting several values for ProxyAddresses attribute :

Set-ADUser -Identity username -add @{Proxyaddresses="SMTP:username@domain",




Setting aliases in Powershell 4

In Powershell, aliases are shortcuts for cmdlets or for your own functions.
You can create one easily using New-Alias or Set-Alias cmdlets.
To make them available within any Powershell session, put them in the $Profile configuration file.
Let’s have an example :

function start_vm() {
VBoxManage startvm "devbox"

Set-Alias -name svm -value start_vm -description "Booting dev VM"

To make these new aliases available in your current session, reload your configuration file :


To list all the available aliases :




Could not fetch our SID – did we join ?

If you get this message, your linux server is not member of an Active Directory realm.
To join properly the realm :

[root@localhost:~]# net ads leave -U

Join your server using an Administrator account in the right OU using the createcomputer option

[root@localhost:~]# net ads join -U createcomputer=DOMAIN/Servers/Non-Windows

Once joined, check the trust secret for your DOMAIN :

[root@localhost:~]# wbinfo -t
checking the trust secret for domain DOMAIN via RPC calls succeeded